Our trainings are grounded in you becoming the best you possible. That applies whether you’re an individual and we’re focused on personal or leadership development or on corporate development or other organizational development trainings or programs.

The thing about you becoming the best you possible is that it’s much more enjoyable then trying to live up to being something you’re not, because it’s you learning to come from your center. It’s you – as organization or leader – expressing more of your innate essence.

Even if you just get one step closer to that, it can create major shifts in your productivity, your happiness and in what you have to share with the world. And that’s peak performance made easy.


The ‘Why’ Factor: Upleveling Corporate and Non-profit Organizations

Want to be more effective? Feel more inspired? Simplify and improve decision-making?

How about increase the engagement of your team and customers? Attract the best talent?

This stuff is a game-changer – the secret of leaders. Research repeatedly demonstrates that leading corporate and non-profit organizations take the time to discover and engage their bigger ‘why’ – their purpose.

This is purpose beyond profits. It’s transformational for organizations, whether you’re a corporation or non-profit. 

Ensuring purpose and values are identified and expressed is foundational work. As you bring your bigger why into focus and organize around your organizational purpose and values, past struggles often fall away. Decision-making becomes easier. Brand identity becomes clearer. Employee engagement increases.

Clients love the dialogue and paradigm shifts that result with this work.


Creativity, Insight and Innovation for Corporations and Non-profits

Today’s problems in corporations are complex. Obviously, good analytical thinking is an essential skill. Yet, it’s not enough. We need to combine good analytical thinking with strong creativity if we want corporate innovation.

But in our super-busy organizations, left brain thinking is often the default. That’s where mindfulness comes in.

Creativity isn’t like a tap you can turn on, on demand. It’s a pump that has to be primed. Creativity and insight flow from certain brain states (ones that tend to diminish under stress).  When you understand and learn how to access those states, you develop a greater ability to switch cognitive states as needed.

This workshop will teach you about creativity and its relationship to innovation – what they are, where they come from and how you can prime creativity and innovation to show up in your organization. Overall, we’ll focus on the experiential – stretching the creativity muscles of your corporate or non-profit team and up-leveling you for your current or next endeavor.


Peak Performance and Mindfulness Programs: Generation 2.0

You know that talent matters and your company is doing everything possible to attract, hire, nurture, and retain the best talent possible. Still, while the idea that talent development is important is obvious in theory, but difficult in practice. We offer consultation to effectively put personal development and mindfulness talent strategies and programs into place and connect talent decisions and business outcomes.