Catherine SherlockMy forays into mindfulness started early. As far back as I remember, I’ve viewed my life as a journey, one that I was on to get better and better.

At ten years of age, I recognized I had a bad temper.

Some might say I came by it naturally. I never met my grandfather. He passed away long before I showed up. But we heard the stories. Once he cold-cocked a horse in a fit of temper after the horse nipped him.

My dad said he knew he had said or done something wrong thing at the dinner table when he found himself and his chair sprawled across the floor.

I worked to change my temper using awareness and mindfulness (although, of course, at the time, I’d never heard of such concepts or terms). And then worked on my dad.

I’ve never stopped exploring the mystery of who we are. No matter what area I’m working in – peak performance, change management, sustainability, communications – nothing makes me happier than being on the cutting edge and exploring new frontiers. I’ve spent my life questioning,

‘How can I become my best self? How can I help others become their best selves?’
‘How can I use innovation to accomplish tasks faster, easier and with more joy?’

I consider myself extremely lucky that my speaking, coaching and consulting work has given me the opportunity to engage with so many teams and individuals. My work has taken me into government and non-profit sectors as well as into the business world – both small business and corporate.

My background is multidisciplinary. When I work with you, I bring expertise from a number of different fields to your problem or concern. One of the things that makes me creative is my multidisciplinary background. My education includes a Master’s in Environmental Studies and an undergraduate degree in psychology and visual arts. My work has taken me into a range of fields – including sustainability, communications, organizational development and change agent as well as working with one of the fastest growing personal development companies in North America. My personal explorations have taken me into fields too numerous to list.

By nature, I am curious and a problem-solver and tend to discern patterns and dissonance quickly. At heart, I’m an entrepreneur, an explorer.

Someone who once saw me speaking told me , ‘for most people, this is just a job, but you bring your heart and soul to it.’

For me, this isn’t a job. It’s my life-long work. I’d be doing it whether I was teaching it or not.

Some of my favorite things include natural spaces and wildlife, reading, healthy and fun food, great people, and all things creative. I also talk to bears. (And, yes, they do talk back). I’ll save that story for another time.