Years ago, when I was working primarily as an environmental consultant, I became intrigued with a personal development company after I saw them making massive changes in people’s lives. I wanted to learn more, so I volunteered to work behind the scenes at their courses.

Their processes were often intense and triggered people. At one event, a woman had a strong reaction to an exercise. She was so upset that the speaker, who was in training, couldn’t continue and signaled to volunteers standing near me to take her out of the room. The group of guys picked her up and carried her into the hallway, where they lay her down. After I holding the door open, I followed and then tried to make her more comfortable.

I started talking to the woman to calm her. One of the men interrupted abruptly saying he would take care of it. Feeling I was a newbie in the situation, I stood back and watched. By this point, there were probably a dozen people standing and kneeling around the woman as she lay in the hall.

One by one, they tried to help her. The woman got worse. She started shaking. The volunteer with the 1st aid background said she was going into shock and they needed to get her to a hospital.

At that moment, it was as though a switch in me flipped. I heard a voice inside my head say, “This is ridiculous” and found myself stepping forward and kneeling at the woman’s side to speak to her.

I only remember a bit of what I said, but a short time later, she was okay. With help, she sat up. She looked into my eyes and thanked me. A minute or two later, she got to her feet and someone took her to get water and everyone dispersed.

I learned that day what can happen when you get out of your own way and into your flow – and you stop letting other people’s agendas derail your own. Today, I have many stories like this one. The more I listen and follow my intuition, the more my skills and capacities grow.

A Foot in Two Worlds

For years, I felt as though I had a foot in two different worlds.

After completing my Master’s, I launched into environmental consulting. As I went on, my concentration has shifted increasingly to corporate sustainability, organizational development and (always) best practices.

I’ve served all levels of government, businesses large to small, non-profits and other agencies. I worked on my own with clients and as part of teams on single and multi-agency projects.

My work has been as varied as the projects I’ve taken on: gap analysis, program and project evaluations, model and systems development, best practices cultivation, win-win negotiations for conflict situations, stakeholder/public input processes, focus groups, research, policy development, change management, communications – to name a few.

I’ve also given hundreds of facilitations, talks and trainings – with all kinds of groups, individuals, ages and diverse topics.

Catherine Sherlock

All of that has left me with a range of abilities:

  • Discerning underlying patterns invisible to others
  • Shifting people into deeper awareness and clarity
  • Communicating complex ideas simply
  • Designing breakthrough processes
  • Identifying misalignments
  • Bringing out of people and organizations what they really wanted but couldn’t quite reach or understand on their own.
My Other Foot
Still, there was the problem of having a foot in two different worlds.

I started ‘mindfulness’ early.

As young as I can remember, I viewed life as a journey of personal evolution.

It wasn’t as though anyone told me. And I never spoke about it. I just focused on self-evolution, awareness. It was the central tenet of my life.

People who’ve watched me work have made comments like, ‘For other people, it’s just a job, but you bring your heart and soul to it.’

But that was nothing compared to the energy I brought to this other side of my life.

As an adult, my search widened and deepened. Inner Power. Awareness. Emotional resilience. Mindset. Energy healing. Meditation practices. Consciousness. Brain states. Flow. And how all of it applied to life experience.

As important as this was to me, I only rarely brought this world into my work and public view.

Until now.

This is the deeper work I have to share. The path of personal power that deepens expression, connection, satisfaction and authenticity. And it’s an adventure I’m now sharing with you.