I work with people and organizations around the world, often at a distance and sometimes in person. I deliver in a variety of formats including individual and group coaching, workshops and strategy sessions. Examples of courses and topics are below.

You may notice there are few outcomes listed for the courses below…that’s because multiple outcomes are possible. We define outcomes and goals together to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.


Deepening Intuition in Business and Leadership

Just as we were taught to develop and use our cognitive skills, we can learn to develop, engage and expand our intuitive skills. Intuition is almost like another language – one that increases your vibrancy and creativity in life.

Deepening your intuition in business is about learning practical ways to deepen your intuition skills by creating deeper awareness and removing limitations. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg on this subject and people come to intuition from a variety of awareness and skill levels, so what gets covered on this subject depends upon you and your goals.

Taught correctly, intuition is about expanding awareness and possibilities – both which deliver tremendous dividends. Introductory topics include understanding what intuition is, exploring its different facets, looking at the connection between intuition and self-respect and self-care, identifying authentic voices, diverse ways of accessing your intuition, creating richer intuitive experiences, using intuitive and analytical skills together and growing your self-trust and confidence.


Authentic Leadership (power from the inside-out)

The ‘je ne sais quoi’ quotient of true leadership is quality. It works from the inside-out, starting with you learning how to lead yourself.

It’s a radically different from the traditional leadership approach which identifies key leadership characteristics that you try to adopt. That outside-in method frequently leaves people feeling inadequate and as though they’re wearing a mask that doesn’t quite fit.

Authentic leadership connects you to yourself, increasing your awareness, aligning with your values and purpose and learning to live your genius.

You operate with greater insight. Your character and self-expression show up more clearly as you begin to recognize your biases and clear the decks of ulterior motives that don’t serve your leadership.


New Paradigm Decision Making

Decision making is at the crux of who you are as an organization and individual.

higher mindfulness decision makingIf you’re going to align purpose and profit in a meaningful way, you’ll need to improve your decision making abilities. Traditional decision making processes don’t work when you’re redefining success. You’ll need to step away from normal and expected decisions and embrace creativity and outside-the-box approaches that identify new possibilities.

The Higher Mindfulness approach is about connecting you to your deeper intelligence to reduce you making decisions based on superficial, flawed or biased information.


Answering the Call of the Authentic Self (for women)

This is a course that’s come up through conversations with women. I get this interesting response when I mention the course name: a pause and then a murmuring sound like they’re chewing on something tasty and then a comment along the lines of, “That sounds really interesting.”

So, I’ve put it up here to gauge the amount of interest in the topic. If you feel as though this is something you’d like to explore further, would you please let me know? (Note that you expressing an interest doesn’t mean commitment in any way).