Did Warren Buffet’s Intuition Fail Him?

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Did Warren Buffet’s intuition fail him? No, not actually, although the story is often told as though it did. Buffet describes it as his $200 billion blunder. In the 1960’s, Buffet noticed a textile company, Berkshire Hathaway, was selling off its mills. It used the money to buy back its stock and the stock would […]

Conscious Leadership

Creativity: the Number One Leadership Competency

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“If your interest is high achievement, creativity matters. That’s the place to start.”      Steven Kotler, author of ‘The Art of the Impossible: a Peak Performance Primer’ IBM surveyed over 1,500 CEO’s, asking about the #1 leadership competency. The answer? Creativity. Creativity was considered key in order to successfully navigate accelerating complexity and a […]


Questioning Intuition: a Look at Insight

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Research has found CEOs who score high on intuition take their companies to greater altitudes than those who rely largely on their heads. Yet, intuition is widely misunderstood. And strangely feared. Recognizing that there are various kinds and levels of intuition, let’s play with insight. It’s estimated that 80-90% of our minds are unconscious (I’m […]